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Grabbing Life by the Claws

Visit our restaurant along the Susquehanna River today to enjoy our wonderful food and a great waterfront view.

Crabs and Oysters

The Maryland Blue Crab is probably the most recognized symbol of Maryland. Mature crabs average 5-7 inches across and are most plentiful from late summer through fall. We also happily buy from Louisiana to satisfy our customers who LOVE the big ones. 

After crab season begins to diminish Water Street Seafood transforms from Crab House to Oyster House. Join us on Thursday nights for Buck A Shuck oysters as well as what we call Out of Towners. Water Street works with the best oyster purveyors to bring you oysters from the North, the West and Canada. Looking to try something different than Water Street is the place to be. 

  • Crab Availability
  • Crabs are served  April through October 31st
  • Market Price
  • **Subject to change without notice**
  • Call to check on current prices!
  • 443-502-8855


Oysters are available all year round, but starting in October we really ramp up our offerings. Here at Water Street we offer several oyster entrees, as well many different types of oysters during any given time. Join us in the FALL on Thursday nights when you can experience Buck A Shuck. A great deal for the oyster lover with our local Tilghman Island oysters just being $1 a piece. During the summer months we like to carry the ever popular Salt Buoy oysters farm raised by HDG native Danny Worrell.

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